Jerry Demorest

Artist Biography

I am a self-taught professional artist. My paintings fall into the 'colorfacitism' style and I usually paint in acrylic. I started painting seriously after retirement in 2004. Before and after retirement, I have completed a number of college level art courses, seminars and workshops and have received private instruction from individual artists.

I am from Westerville, Ohio, spent 4 years in the Navy, graduated from San Francisco State in 1966, worked for the California Department of Social Services and lived in Sacramento for 38 years before retiring and moving to Cambria in September, 2004.

I am married to Terri (51 years), son Michael (48) in Sacramento and daughter Angela (46) in Half Moon Bay. My favorite artists are Stanton McDonald-Wright, Leroy Neiman, Oscar Kokoschka, Howard Terpning, M.C.Escher, and Robbie Canal.

My paintings are 2 dimensional, multifaceted, colorful jewels. They are juicy without being garish. They are invigorating not tranquilizing. I attempt to achieve the following attributes with each painting in order to create interest.

Dramatic - Stand out in a group of paintings

Mysterious - What is this composition all about? What does it represent? Requires thoughtful as well visual participation by the viewer. A kalidiscopic color puzzle.
Unusual - Not commonplace. A fresh, new type artistic expression.

Versatile - Painting can be rotated to present 4 different images.

Multi-faceted - Each color is a different wavelength similar to the many different facits of a diamond.

Colorful - A broad spectrum of color that is bright without being garish. The arrangement of color is not unlike a rainbow or streams of sunshine penetrating a prism or clear crystal.

Afterglow - Image sticks with you afterward because it is intellectually unresolved/incomplete and you can't find anything that reflects reality.

Invigorating - Incites an energetic response. Not necessarily a restful experience. Keeps you vital

Interesting - Should pique your interest because of its color, complexity and disregard for the principles of design.

Investment - Unusual but good original paintings retain/maybe even increase in value over time...