Anne Seltzer

Artist Biography

I started painting black birds when I moved to Claremont in Southern California. They flocked around my house and around the parks and around the town. I loved their rugged look, their raucous noise, and their inherent ingenuity, intelligence, and legendary dedication. My fascination with them remains evident in their appearance in much of my work.

My early formal training was in literature, and I have written for newspapers and have published two books of my art combined with my prose. It is natural for me to combine my painting with writing, resulting in what I call my "storypaintings": a colorful illustration style with a story behind it, and sometimes with words incised into the paint.

The "Birds Discover the Local Library" library-themed paintings were created specifically for the Cambria Library exhibition. They are storypaintings that share a whimsical vision of my favorite black birds visiting and studying at the library. I applaud them for it.