Mary Summers

Think Pink: How Cancer Colored My World

Exhibit Description

"Scenic oil paintings and written dialogue express my reactions to my journey through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and metastasis five years later," says Cambria artist Mary Summers.

"This exhibit is dedicated to fellow members of the Cancer Clan. My goal is to help you and those around you put words and visions to the events that forever change our lives."

Artist Biography

Mary Summers, PhD, RN, has a love of nature and has always enjoyed spending time outdoors. "I have shared the wonder of nature's offerings with my husband, outdoor photographer Kerry Drager, for more than a quarter of a century," she said.

"Kerry has taught me the importance of capturing scenes in 'beautiful light' - early morning and late in the day. With his views through his camera lens, he has also taught me the elements of good design."

A retired professor of nursing, she has resided in Cambria since 2014. Her philosophy "is to 'follow the brush' to capture the rich colors and textures of the landscapes around me in oils."