Margaret Yun

Artist Biography

Social media (i.e., facebook, instagram) is a frequent topic of conversation, both in the news and among most of us, the consensus being that it has brought us together while, concurrently, keeping us alone and apart. This alone/apart feeling reminds me of being at a museum - a place that brings us together to appreciate giftedness - which we do uniquely, individually. Each of us looks at a piece of art and has a kind of "tete-a-tete" with the work and, perhaps, the artist. Most of the time we do this as individuals, for example, "Women Viewing Picasso." Each of the women stands on her own, weight on her back foot, immersed in the painting, oblivious to those around and behind her, oblivious to Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture of the man Picasso - who, no doubt, would have preferred the women looking at him! "The Viewers" photo captures this perfectly - they are sharing an intimate space; less than 12 inches separate one person from another, but it might as well be miles. They are impervious to the other's joys, sorrows, celebrations, fears, until they choose not to be.

The Central Coast is a magically beautiful place with exceptional photographers -- Alice Cahill, Don Henderson, Cheryl Strahl, and Don Quintana among them. I hope to live here long enough (that is to say, I hope to "live" long enough) to better capture its beauty - meanwhile, I love photography, and I love museums, and I hope you enjoy this very different show. Much thanks to Ginger DiNunzio of Sandprints Photography for editing and for her encouragement of my "bucket list" dream. To Cambria librarian Destiny Johnson, thanks for making it so easy.