Tish Rogers

Artist Biography

Tish Rogers started drawing as a young child, infuenced by her mother who was an interior designer. She continued doing art projects throughout her education. When she entered college she was an art major, but ended up switching to an art minor. She attended Marymount College for two years before transferring to San Jose State University where she got a teaching credential in Math and Art. After teaching for 14 years she retired to Cambria and was able to devote more time to her Art.

She has done many different mediums, though acrylics are her favorite. Her preferred subject matters are landscapes, seascapes and animals. She has won numerous honors and prizes for her work.

Tish has been trying a new medium, Tempera Batik. It is a process on pastel paper using tempera paint. The image is first drawn on the paper in ink, then painted with several layers of tempera paint, then the entire image is covered with India ink. After it dries, the ink is washed off and the painting is embellished with more paint and sealed with a varnish.