Mosaic Madness by Judy Maynard

Artist Biography

Art has always been in my life, with talented artists surrounding me with the creativity, and encouraging my muse. But oddly enough a piece of beach glass got me thinking about glass as a medium, and I soon became obsessed with the art of Stained Glass. I starting experimenting with glass and soon opened my own working glass studio and fine arts gallery, eventually one of three. Designing windows for clients and creating art was a dream. I also dabbed into other mediums such as clay, paint, and paper. I loved the wonderful things that could be done with each amazing mediums.

As years went on I was overly exposed to the toxicity of lead and needed to eliminate it from my daily life. So I decided to sell the gallery and leave the Stained glass business behind to set up shop in a home based studio, while experimenting and learning to work with other mediums. Today, I use my skill sets to create unique mosaics using both glass and paper and also teach workshops in Paper Tiling. I have had the privilege to work on International Art Installations, show my work in galleries, donate to numerous art fundraisers and events and have even won awards in my field. I love the flexibility paper and other mediums allow for me to think out of the box and try new ways to share and teach art.