Summer of Glad: New Paintings by Anne Seltzer

Artist Biography

My first knowledge of flowers is from my mother's small garden plot behind our red brick half of the Army quarters duplex. I was 4. She grew Marigolds, Zinnias, and in the last row, Gladiolas. I am sure there were others at various times of the two years we were there, but these are the ones I remember most. I loved the Glads most of all, as they were like tall, elegant women in formal gowns as they unfolded into bloom.

This year I was diagnosed with an illness requiring lifelong treatment. As I navigated medical visits, I bought myself a bouquet for each appointment. Soon, friends joined in and I started receiving bouquets on my doorstep. These gifts - from friends and myself - cheered me and inspired me to photograph, draw, and paint each one.

This collection of paintings "The Summer of Glad", are a result of this flower work. I chose to focus on this one flower, because I love the way they reach upward, exuding beauty and grace as they bloom. I find them inspirational, and renewing. They do indeed make me glad.