Dena Kuhn

Artist Biography

Dena Kuhn is a designer of graphics and garments, and well as an artist in many types of mediums. Kuhn has studied, lived, and taught creatively all over the world. Kuhn studied calligraphy in London, Byzantine Art in Greece, and received her BFA at Northern Arizona University. She has taught calligraphy in Australia and hand lettering, calligraphy, and graphic design in Arizona. Kuhn has worked as a clothing and graphic designer in Athens, owned a boutique in Ashland, OR where she designed and created her own garments, and has being designing and creating prints, graphics and illustrations in various capacities for over 20 years before settling in Cambria with her husband Helmut.

Kuhn's reflected color works, Symmetry of the Inner Eye, are a kind of colorful Rorschach test. She declines an explanation of these pieces, except that they feel biological to her. The viewer's interpretation is only one that matters. Kuhn has been creating these pieces for a long time, but still takes her many tries to produce one she loves. When she does, she has a leap of exuberance.

Kuhn's Tree Mandalas are the perfect culmination of natural and digital beauty. Formed into a circular kaleidoscope of colors and textures, these mandalas challenge perception but celebrate meditative quality of Cambria's beautiful landscape.

Of her work, Dena Kuhn says, "My deepest influence and inspiration has always been solitary time in nature, and studies in spirit, much of it Buddhism. All of it, for which I am grateful."