Douglas Greenfield

Two Windows with Inside Delapidation


Blue and White

Artist Biography

I began the study of art and architecture at the school of the ArtI in Chicago in 1978. The courses included perspective drawing, graphic design, scientific illustration, and photography.

Later I transferred to the university of Illinois in Chicago Where I graduated with a BA in architectural design in 1983.

I have continued with photography as a hobby ever since. I Enjoy the idea of images that are common in the landscape, but Not obvious to the naked eye. The camera "sees" the world Somewhat differently than the human eye. The camera has the Advantage of fitting into spaces where the human head will not. Also, unlike the human eye, the camera can focus very close to an object.

Some of the images that you might see from my work is meant to evoke an emotional response, my hope is to conjure memories from the viewers life. Photography is the collaboration of the visual, the photographer, and the person looking at the photograph.

The metal sculptures are time capsules from an era when the west was a frontier. These are the remnants of our grandparents and great grandparents' everyday lives. I can lose myself in that era of no computers, no plastic, and without the 24-hour news cycle.

I hope to devote much more time to the creation of objects and to capturing the images that inspire. There remains adventure in discovery, and I will remain devoted to that Search.