Linda Weesner

Artist Biography

Experiementing in art was natural growing up . Through my early and middle years I was lucky enough to have a creative artistic cousins across the street. They were forever inviting me over to make new paintings, paper dolls, doll houses and furniture, even wall paper for our rooms. Having a Grandfather with a neverending suppply of paper goods {he ran a papermill} for all who wanted them, and a highly skilled Grandmother who readily shared her talents with all we always had supplies. A move to the LA area at age 14 took me away from daily creating with them and my focus became academic . Then as a young stay at home mother I beame great friends with 3 others who loved to make things by hand. I became an avid pattern designer and clothes maker, in the 1970 crochet purses and skirts and sold them in Berkly on the street, did wall hangings for friends and church, pretty much played in most every craft area. For years I considered myself a craftsman, not artist.

Moving to the Santa Cruz area in 1979 and building a career in Mental Health, I began to work heavily in porcelian clay, making art tiles of women in 1930s and 1940s fashion & children dishes. I had a studio in the lower half of my house and found that clay was a wonderful release after a long day at work. I would also use art in my counseling with clients, journal making, drawing feeings, etc. so helpful when words cannot be found.

I also had an easle set up on my front deck where often in the late summer evenings I would "play" with oil paints. My husband encouraging me on while I became frustrated that I didn't paint as well I thought I should. [ later learned to practice what I preached to others -- there are no 'shoulds' ] When time allowed from my busy work schedule I took a few watercolor classes from artist in the Santa Cruz area.

In 2007 0r so, my daughter gave us a class with a local stainded glass designer as a Mothers day gift. We met once a week on a Wednesday evening. It was a way that we both, as busy career women, could spend some fun time unrelated to home or our work. We both started with simple projects. She decided it wasn't for her by the end of the six week course. I stayed involved for the next 11 years. The owner, Tom Anderson, and I became great friends. I would go to his studio at least 2x a week. Tom was open to experiementing with drawing new patterns and designs and taught me the ins and outs of working with stained glass leaded windows. Then we moved full time to Cambria, downsizing and retired in 2014. My time at Tom's studio became less and less. Now living with only a small single car garage as my studio I found it was difficult to work effectively on larger glass pieces. In 2014 I began to explore other art mediums to work in. Finding it difficult to only create in one medium I have studied painting in oil, watercolor, using french silk dye on silk and acrylic. All are fascinating to me in their own unique way.