Claudia Solomon

Artist Biography

My passion for art began as a young child. I fondly remember the hours spent sitting on the floor with crayons and coloring books. Later after marrying and having my family, I began taking art at the local college. I fell in love with fabric and how to incorporate it into home design. That led to porcelain painting until I discovered Tole painting, which is now called Decorative Painting. I was hooked and became immersed in another style of art.

Over my lifetime, I have painted murals, furniture, fabric, as well as teaching Decorative Painting. After moving to Cambria, I turned to art on canvas in the mediums of watercolor, oil and acrylic.

My latest venture is learning the traditional old world style of painting like Rembrandt. I study under Jason Mayr in Morro Bay, who is a master painter.

Art has always brought great joy to me..