Bruce Lloyd Mundt

Artist Biography

Born and raised in Minneapolis and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, I've lived in Cambria with my lovely wife Karen for 39 years now. Like all of us here in the west, I am inspired by the dramatic gestures of nature which sweep our landscape: the waves, winds and mountains, rushing waters and tumbled stones.

Geology is my passion, and stone sculpture figures in my artistic background, which may be why I've physically carved out these paintings. I enjoy working fast and wet in watercolor, starting with only the barest of natural archetypes in mind before attacking the soaked, horizontal paper with an eyedropper full of liquid color, rather than a brush. This process invites the unexpected and the accidental and keeps the results surprising and hopefully exciting. With this technique I can create several pieces in a session, learning along the way by making adjustments and variations on a theme.

I want to thank Branch Manager Destiny Johnson and the staff of the Cambria Library for the opportunity to display my work on these walls. I am a patron and a fan of this Library, and it is an honor to show here.