Ronn Harsh

Blue Whale Migration, 36x36"

Just Below the Surface

Saturday Night in the Cosmos, 40x40"

Artist Statement

My art reflects my desire to tell a story, explore, and experience textures and color. I enjoy the organic, lyrical and occasional playful interpretations that evolve.

When I start a new piece it can be driven by emotion, the weather, a visual experience or a found object like a piece of driftwood or a rusty nail. Those experiences and/or objects become my inspirational tools whether they are for painting, drawing or writing. Maybe it's the elusion of stories that found objects or visual experiences seem to have for me.

My current work is an ongoing evolution of my lifelong passion for creating art. I paint with bold strokes and seem to almost dance with my art.

Artist Biography

I'm a California native. I grew up in Long Beach, California than moved to Santa Cruz in my late 20's. I am currently living in Cambria. I have always been drawn to and influenced by the ocean and the coast.

During my middle-school years I studied fine art, silkscreen, drawing, painting, graphic design, letterpress printing, and typesetting. Continuing my art education in high school, my talent was recognized and rewarded with scholarships to some of the finest art schools in Los Angeles. Cal-Arts Chouinard, as it was called in 1966, was my best experience. The instructors opened my mind to the experience of art, I returned after high school for two years of continued art education before being drafted into the US Army.

In my career as an artist, illustrator, designer and international art director, I traveled the world promoting branding and leading creative brainstorming and design workshops. I was always creating, painting, drawing and journaling. My travels introduced me to different cultures, lifestyles, amazing people, art and food. Creating art has always defined me in every aspect of my life and career.